Pine & Needle Practitioners

Alison Peia Stadnyk
R.TCM.P, R.Ac, Owner of Pine & Needle Wellness

Registered practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture, cupping, tui-na massage, and moxibustion.  Also offers electro-acupuncture, acupressure, sound therapy and apitherapy.

During a session with Alison, we will go through a history of your own personal health and constitution, where we will discover patterns from a Chinese medicine based diagnosis which may be affecting your wellness.  From here Alison will develop a treatment that is tailored to your own unique needs, utilizing acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, herbalism, tui-na massage, or any other TCM techniques that are indicated for your healing journey.

Alison also incorporates dietary counseling and Chinese herbal therapy as a support protocol for her patients when desired or necessary.

You can expect to leave your session feeling relaxed, aligned and empowered with tools to motivate you towards a lighter and healthier self.

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Melanie Genge

Sattva Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach,  

Spa Practitioner/Anti-aging facials

Melanie is committed to providing holistic health to all her clients. Her passion dives into creating an experience of wellness, through relaxation and enabling a sense of balance.


Her background is in SATTVA yoga which is centered around harmony, intelligence and beauty.


Melanie graduated from Alberta School of Massage with exceeding honors and at the top of her class.

What to expect from a session with Melanie?

You will leave feeling a sense of harmony and bliss.  Your body and mind will be relaxed, and you will have some key take home points for pursuing health at home.

Melanie offers relaxation and deep tissue 

massage as well as natural anti-aging facials. She is also constantly facilitating wellness workshops, so watch for upcoming events.

Melanie is in clinic on Monday evenings, from 6:00-8:30pm.
Please contact to book with Melanie.

Jaz King Wildes,

Certified Thai Yoga Massage, Yoga Teacher 200hr, Reiki Level 2, BSc Neuropyschology

Jaz is an ever renewed student of life, endlessly curious on the inner workings of our beings and the outer workings of our reality. She has a formal background in biology, psychology and neuroscience that offers an exploration of our human experiences through a tangible, scientific lense. Alongside these more modern studies, she has been passionately steeping in eastern energetic practices, yogic traditions, evolutionary astrology, ayurvedic wisdoms and is so thrilled to share these infusions in culmination with the art of thai yoga massage healing. Jaz holds space to rewire and repattern our systems for a life that flows with more ease, clarity and comfort. She believes this journey may require deep courage to be vulnerable in the sometimes rawness of our experience, and knows that it is here where we create space to nurture the parts of ourselves that are asking for attention, love and release. With her offerings of thai yoga massage she guides us to find deeper connection within our bodies, inviting us to ground into our centre, deeply nourish our energy resources, and release layers of tension (physical mental and emotional) that can bind us in our day to day. Through this Jaz hopes to inspire unwavering connection to our truest selves, encouraging our own unique expression in the world with freedom, authenticity, and integrity.


Jaz will be practicing out of Pine & Needle on Sunday afternoons.  Please contact to book an appointment.

What to expect from a Thai Massage with Jaz:
For this session, you will be comfortably relaxed in loose fitting garments and we will use a traditional Thai style mat as our ground. This practice combines rhythmic pressure, stretching and gentle movement to clear energetic, emotional and physical blockages throughout the body.  Woven in alongside this ancient Thai art offering is a blend of healing wisdom, intuition, acupressure technique, skillful alignment and breathwork. It can be experienced as gentle and subtle, or quite deep tissue - suited to the needs of the individual. This Thai yoga massage will bring you acutely in tune with your body, your mind and your sense of self. You will find deep release and clear energy flow throughout your being, leaving you feeling nourished and at ease within.